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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bulk changes to the "Delivery Restrictions" field with ADModify

Just to build on my last post, why do something by hand or write a script when the Exchange folks have been kind enough to write a nice little GUI utility to help you make bulk changes? Not sure about you all, but I'd much rather be playing Counterstrike than sitting around clicking a thousand users to make the same change on all of them. Wouldn't you?

So anyways, this neat little tool is called ADModify, and you can download it here. I won't write too much about it since the team over at EHLO has already done that, which makes sense since they wrote it! But, for the script in my previous post, all you'd need to do to make the same change is run ADModify.Net, get to the screen above (the Custom field)(sorry the pic is so small) and for this particular example you would enter dlMemSubmitPerms in the Attribute Name field, and the DN, or distinguished name of the value we want to add. So we would add CN=ALLMAIL,OU=DistLists,DC=domain,DC=com for a group called ALLMAIL in and OU called DistLists in a a domain called ''. For this value you also have to check the 'Multivalued Append' box, which is necessary for any attribute that can hold more than one value. To add the second group in our example you'd just finish adding the first one then rerun the utility.

But, don't listen to my ramblings, check out Dan Winter's post on the subject over at EHLO for more information



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